Professional Care with a Personal Touch

Personal Care in Your Own Home

Including assistance with washing, showering, dressing and meal preparation. We also cater for Complex Packages, Dementia Care Double-handed Packages and Palliative Care.

Sitting Services

Our sitting services will enable your loved one to be looked after in their own home.


All of our carers will be happy to help with any shopping you may need.

Sleep | Awake Nights

On an Awake Night our carers are available on call during the whole night and remain awake and alert at all times. Sleep nights our carers will be sleeping but can be woken if needed.

Care In The Community

Dementia Care

All of our carers are committed to improving the quality of life of people living with Dementia and are all highly trained in looking after your loved ones.

Complex Care Packages

All Carers are trained in all aspects of complex Packages including Peg Fed and Stoma Care

Double-handed Packages

All carers are Manual Handling trained to use all types of Hoists, We specialise in Double handed packages.

Palliative Care

We have a team of carers who specialise in Palliative Care, our carers will be there to support you and your family through this difficult time.

Know About Us

Bluebell Homecare Ltd is a small, personal care company, formed in 2018 by Susan Hales and Samantha Tomlin, who have over 40 years experience and knowledge between them. Sue was previously a CQC Registered Manager, and Sam a Care Manager, who have always strived to offer the highest standards of care and a personal touch which is so important to them. We want to ensure all of our clients have peace of mind, knowing we are there for them and their loved ones. We go out of our way to ensure that all of our clients feel valued.

Steve & Brad Hunter and Sherri Hunter-Kaye

Dear Sue and Sam,

I write to thank your team for all the help, care and support provided to my father, Steve, and my mother, Glenda, until my mothers death on 7th February 2022.

Brad and I really did have our hands full trying to care for my mother as her health very quickly deteriorated, whilst my father, who has not coped well mentally or emotionally with my mothers diagnosis or prognosis, also became increasingly reliant on others for help with basic daily tasks, and at times was quite a challenge to deal with.

Thank you for your patience and help during this difficult time, especially to Louise and Rachel who were always kind, caring and respectful and often brought a smile to my mothers face. Your teams help enabled Brad and I, who were both physically and emotionally exhausted by this time, to spend more time with my mother during her final days. That time with her was so precious to us.

Our family will never forget the help your team provided so wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU! To you all!

With heartfelt appreciation from Steve (husband) and Brad (son) Hunter, and Sherri Hunter-Kaye (daughter)


Paul and Ann Gregg

Hi Sue and Sam and all the Bluebell’s.

Ann is having to stay in a care home now due to her condition.

I would like to thank you and all the girls for turning our existence to a quality of life which I can look back on as hugely enjoyable. It was the dedication and laughter that you brought with your service which is so memorable and is a credit to your organisation.

Paul and Ann Gregg

Tina & Mark Duncan

We would like to thank Bluebell Homecare for the outstanding care they gave to my Mum, Audrey, which enabled us to be together at home during those last precious weeks of Mum’s life.

A special thank you to Sue, Hayley, Karla, Sheryl, Carol and Claire. Having this continuity of care made it easier for Mum and us and allowed them to get to know and understand Mum. They went above and beyond, Mum was always cared for with dignity, love and respect for which we are truly grateful.

Thank you

Tina & Mark Duncan and family.

Norma Peters

Just a few words to say thank you for the care and attention the Bluebell Team gave mum.

Nothing was too much trouble from the matching earrings for her outfit to the extra glass of wine.

The thoughtfulness of a sausage rolls instead of a sandwich or a little plant put by her fireplace.

Just little things but they made her feel special in her later life.

You have been amazing and thanks again because without you all we couldn't have kept mum at home.

Love from
Julie-ann and Michelle.

James Aldridge and Caroline Prior

The wonderful team at Bluebell cared for our Dad during the last, very difficult few years of his life. We were always so appreciative of the way they supported and genuinely cared for him, always putting his needs first and ensuring his dignity at all times. This dignity and respect was so important to him, to us and to our mum to whom they were also the most amazing support.

Sue and Sam manage to combine a personal touch with the utmost professionalism - client care and wellbeing is their number one priority. Thank you Sue, Sam and all of the team, we will always be grateful knowing that our Dad felt safe and looked after in your care.

James Aldridge and Caroline Prior

Lynn Greaves

I cannot praise Bluebell Home Care more highly for the care they gave my father James Peter Greaves over the years. The staff are very professional whilst being friendly, courteous and caring, my father felt safe and well looked after at all times.

During Covid the care and support was exemplary and they went the extra mile for both my parents but particularly my mother who was caring for my Dad during a difficult time. They were always approachable and did they best to support my parents at all times.
I as Mr Greaves daughter had cause to contact them on a number of occasions and always felt listen to and found they were always willing to help with what was a very ongoing challenging situation with my late Dad due to his total lack of mobility.

Lynn Greaves
Daughter to the late Jimmy Greaves

Kathy and Family

To all the Bluebell team.

Thank you so much for the care you gave to David.

He was so relaxed when you come into him, It was so helpful to us to see that, Knowing him that was unexpected for it to be so easy was a great comfort to us. Your humour and the care from the team was what he needed.

We want to thank you both for enabling our grandchildren to feel a real part in caring for David in his final weeks, They have both grown a real respect and affection for what you do. Even though it was only four weeks or so we feel you was part of our household for longer, Indeed it was like family coming in we thank you for that.

Thank you Bluebell team

Kathy and Family

Pat N

I would like to thank all of the wonderful Bluebell girls who looked after my husband Peter, also myself.

I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciated them. They all knew how to handle Pete and I know he enjoyed their little chats.

I have no hesitation in saying Bluebell care is second to none.

I am so glad that your company was tasked in looking after him.

Thank you also for the personal care you all gave me, I miss Pete so much but I take comfort in the fact that we all did our very best for him.

Thank you all Bluebell Team


Pat N

Marisha Porter

Bluebell Carers are an exceptional group of people, who looked after my mother, Breda until she sadly passed away on the 5th May 2021.

Sam and everyone on their team, treated mum with such kindness and care. They were compassionate and understanding and treated her with dignity and respect, regardless of her failing health and ability.

I am truly grateful to each and everyone of the girls who looked after mum.

Mum was very at ease and I was comfortable leaving her in their very capable hands.

I would gladly recomend them to anyone who needed a care company who actually genuinally cared.

Marisha Porter

Sam, I have said this to you many times, but thank you once again for for everything you did for mum and for the kindness you showed to us after she passed.

Clare, Provide community heath care services

I would just like to put in writing how impressed I am by your carers and their professionalism with patients that we have in common.

I have met a few of your team now and I can honestly say that they are the best carers I have come across throughout 22 years of district nursing experience.

They all go above and beyond and nothing seems to be too much trouble.

I have liaised with some of them for double up care and they are always happy to do so.

Keep up the good work .

Provide community heath care services

Sylvia M

I have never had care like Bluebell Care.

The girls go above and beyond and nothing is to much trouble for them. I could honestly say each and every girl I've had come in to me has sown compassion and have all been professional.

I now no longer need help with my needs and I will miss them coming into me. Id like to thank them all 😊

Bluebell Homecare is what it says it is Professional care with a personal touch

Thank you Bluebell team

Love Sylvia M

Liz N and Joe H

Hello Sam and Sue,

It’s been almost two years since you and your lovely ladies from Bluebell have been looking after Joe and we wanted to thank you.

Without your care and support Joe would not have been able to stay at home. You’ve supported us through losing our beloved Tony and we’re so grateful for your care and kindness. It’s been really challenging with COVID, and the way you responded was so professional and the care you’ve given to Joe has been unfailing. You always have Joe’s best interests at heart and go above and beyond and have helped and guided me so much too. We’ve got complete confidence in the care that you deliver. You give such a personal service and know us so well. Tony thought the world of you and we feel very lucky to have Bluebell helping us through this time in our lives.

Thank you so much, Liz N and Joe H.

Abbey Lyle

Hello Sam/Sue,

So it's been a year since I left your company to move to a different county. I was so upset to leave such a brilliant company, but I had to follow my heart.
A year down the line, I am now a Field Care Supervisor, at the company Caremark.

I would not have been able to fulfil this position to my best ability if it wasn't for your amazing company, lovely team and excellent training you guy provided.

Thank you again!

Abbey Lyle

Joan Holmes

Thank you for all the care that you have given Charles since we joined you, it meant so much to have you looking after him in his final days at home.

It would not have been possible without all the help and support that we received he was so comfortable with his music playing and surrounded by family and familiar faces of Bluebell.

Thank you, Bluebell for everything with love and appreciation from Joan Holmes

Jennifer Rushworth

Bluebell Homecare came recommended to me.

I have found total support, care and consideration from the Team.

I do and can highly recommend Bluebell Homecare to be there for you in times of need.

I value there integrity, reliability and humour.

Paul Bonham

I was diagnosed with Burkitts lymphona (Cancer) in July of this year. I was informed that it would be treated with chemotherapy. Fortunately I responded well to the therapy, although experiencing a number of the side effects. Prior to my discharge from Addenbrookes hospital I had to have a care package in place. This consisted of morning and evening support with washing, dressing and application of prescribed medication: this was because I was weakened by my hospital stay, unable to walk and had lost weight.

A re-enablement package was put into place for 6 weeks as I attended the hospital as an out-patient. As I needed continued support Bluebell HomeCare Ltd were contacted by the council to carry on the care. I was impressed by the professionalism of the management as they spoke to me about my situation and needs. The carers that attended combined a thoroughness and friendly nature towards me that made a situation better that was unusual to me as I had always managed to care for myself. They encouraged me as I got stronger and showed an interest in how I was progressing.

Recently I was pleased to share the news with them that my medical team had determined that I had been cured of Cancer: they described an amazing recovery from a widespread cancer.

Mrs Smithson

I have had several care companies looking after me but Bluebell Home Care is the best. Their Carers are all friendly and responsive. I like to chatter while I’m getting dressed so most mornings are a laugh but if I’m feeling quiet they don’t try to jolly me along. We are moving house next week so I have to look for another Care Company. I am very sorry to leave Bluebell Home Care and wish I could take all their ladies with me.

Nikki and Family

After Mum spent 3 weeks in hospital, Sam/Sue and their team at Bluebell Care were allocated to provide care for my mum when she came back home. We hadn’t heard great things about the quality of care Mum might receive so we were a bit anxious.

We needn’t have worried because Bluebell homecare carers were absolutely fantastic. Mum was gravely ill and suffered with Dementia, to such a degree where she was unable to do anything for herself. Sam, Sue and their team soon put our minds to rest and took care of everything.
Quite honestly, we would have been lost without them.

As mum’s condition deteriorated Sam helped us come to terms with the situation and guided us through the week to prepare ourselves. This was all done with genuine care and compassion for both mum and ourselves. We are eternally grateful to Sam, Sue and their team and would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Once again, thank you.

Lesley and Peter Carter

I have been using Sue and Sam for the last 6 weeks and I can say without any hesitation the quality of personal care and commitment to ensuring my husbands care needs are met has been exceptional. It is very seldom in today’s commercial world that professionalism, dedication and honesty are put before all other considerations but this is the case with Sue and Sam and their extremely competent and friendly team. I would thoroughly recommend Sue and Sam. They are a pleasure to work with and are far superior to any other care company we have used.

Den Harvey

It is great to find a local care company owned by two experienced carers, Sue and Sam. They not only care for my wife Marsha, they also care for their carers, so they care as well. That's what I call, all together care.

Mr Roy Edhouse, South Woodham Ferrers

Bluebell Homecare are a wonderful care company who now care for my wife Sylvia.

The company is the Pinnacle of Care the owners Sue and Sam are hands on and so wonderful gentle and courteous as are their wonderful team of carers who are all highly trained.

From day one when they tended my wife i could see they were carers i always dreamed of and hoped for. They care for my wife like their family loved one. I am my wife's 24/7 carer so this makes life easier for me. They have the knowledge and expertise to care for my wife as i care for her.

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